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Ordering a taxi has never been so fast and simple! Save time with our 2 click interface and see how easy it is to order your taxi with the Barrie Taxi App!

Watch Your Taxi Drive To You

Watch as your taxi makes its way to your pick-up location. You'll never need to wonder where your taxi is again!

Uses Your Mobile GPS

By using the mobile GPS technology built into your mobile device, our dispatch system knows where you are and sends you the closest available taxi!

Add Your Favourite Addresses

Store frequently used locations such as your home, workplace, or favourite hangout for easy booking of future trips!

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Now you can order your taxi without talking to anyone! The Barrie Taxi App gives you the ability to be your own dispatcher and enter all of your trip information into our dispatch system yourself!

The Wait is Over

No longer will you have to wait on the phone during busy times to get through to a dispatcher. With our Barrie Taxi App, you are able to bypass our phone lines and order takers. Simply enter your information into the app and we're on our way!

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